The NYC Rent Guidelines Board will hold two in-person public hearings on the proposed guidelines on Monday, June 13, 2022 and Wednesday, June 15, 2022.  You will have two minutes to speak. See 2022 Meetings and Hearings webpage for further details.

If you would like to testify to speak at one of the in-person hearings, you may do so by completing the in-person hearing registration form. Preregistration is the only way to assure your opportunity to speak (limited time may be available at the end of the hearing for unregistered speakers).

Please note the following rules for attending the hearing:

Your Speaking Time: Please note that you are allowed two minutes to speak. You will be notified when your time allotment has ended. A clock at the front of the auditorium will alert you to the remaining speaking time.

Your Registration Number: When you register to speak, you will be assigned a registration number. While you cannot use this number to determine an exact speaking time, it can give you an idea of your place in the queue. Your place in the queue will depend on the number of speakers in attendance who registered prior to you. When possible, we will rotate between tenants, owners, and public officials. If you provided an email address, this registration number will be emailed to you within three business days. You will also receive a reminder the day preceding the hearing. You can also call our office at 212-669-7480 or email [email protected] to obtain your registration number.

What if I need assistance to participate in the hearings? Those wishing to testify in a language other than English or Spanish or who require accommodation of a disability must notify the Rent Guidelines Board no later than June 6, 2022 by calling 212-669-7480 to arrange special accommodations.

Attendance:  If a speaker’s pre-registered position has been passed before they have confirmed their presence at the hearing, their position may be forfeited and may have to re-register. Please confirm your presence with RGB staff at the registration table located outside the auditorium. Only those speakers who confirm their presence, in person, with RGB staff will be heard by the Board. The registration desk will close at 8 p.m. There will be no substitution of one speaker’s position for another.

COVID-19 Protocols: Both the Jamaica Performing Arts Center and the Main Theater at Hostos Community College currently have COVID-19 protocols that require indoor mask use for those aged two and up. Complimentary masks will be available upon request and if non-compliant with the mask policy you will not be able to enter and/or remain in the venue. Should you be unable to comply with the mask requirements, note that you have additional options for submitting testimony to the RGB, including options for submitting audio, video, or written testimony. In addition, entry to the Main Theater at Hostos Community College requires government-issued photo identification and proof of full vaccination for all adults and children 5 years and older. Full vaccination is defined as at least two doses of either the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines or one dose of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. Proof of vaccination is defined as the physical card from the CDC or the NYS Excelsior Pass on your smartphone. Note that COVID-19 protocols are subject to change. If you are speaking, and registered in advance using an email address, you will be informed by email prior to the public hearing should any protocols change. If you did not register to speak, or registered without an email address, please contact the RGB at 212-669-7480 or consult this page to obtain information about COVID-19 protocol changes.

Privacy Notice: Please note that once your speaking time begins, your image will be visible to the Board members, the other attendees of the hearing, as well as the public viewing on YouTube.

Public Hearing Rules and Procedures: To ensure that the members of the Rent Guidelines Board are able to deliberate and to hear members of the public with regard to renewal lease adjustments, and that members of the public are able to participate meaningfully in the public hearing process, items that are reasonably likely to disrupt the proceedings, such as noisemakers and drums, are prohibited and may not be brought into meeting and hearing venues.  We encourage you to arrive early to avoid delays and help speed the entry of all members of the public. Your cooperation, patience and understanding are greatly appreciated.

Other Testimony Options: Please note that we are expecting a large number of speakers.  If you prefer, you may submit testimony via other means. We are taking written, audio, and video testimony up to June 16, 2022. To submit prerecorded audio/video or written testimony, visit our Testimony webpage. To record and submit audio testimony via phone, call (929) 256-5472, state your name clearly and leave a recording of up to two minutes. 

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