It is important to note that these FAQs are not intended as a substitute for the definitions, interpretations, etc., contained in the respective rent regulatory statutes, codes, and regulations themselves, or any administrative or court decision construing such statutes, codes, and regulations, or any order of the New York City or County Rent Guidelines Boards.
How can I find an affordable apartment?

The NYC Department of Housing Preservation and Development (HPD) and the NYC Housing Development Corp (HDC) offer NYC Housing Connect, a portal to find and apply for affordable housing opportunities across the five boroughs of New York City.

The NYS Homes and Community Renewal (HCR) also offers links to Affordable Housing around the city and state.

HPD also offers NYC Mitchell-Lama Connect, a portal to view open waiting list lotteries and the current waiting lists for Mitchell-Lama rentals and co-ops.

In addition, our website offers information on finding affordable housing in our Apartment Hunting Guide.

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I have fallen behind on my rent. How can I get help?

You may want to try the following groups/programs:

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Where can I get information about affordable housing for seniors?

If you live in a rent regulated apartment, or you live in a subsidized rental or co-op such as a Mitchell-Lama building, you can apply for the NYC Rent Freeze Program for Seniors (SCRIE). SCRIE exempts senior citizens who have a household income under $50,000 and pay over 1/3 of their income for rent, from all or part of future rent increases.

For more information about the program, view the HCR Fact Sheet #21 on the Special Rights of Seniors or visit NYC Freeze Your Rent.

Additional information can be found in our Additional Housing Resources – Seniors webpage.

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What are the income limits for “affordable” housing programs?

Affordable housing programs have a variety of income limits. When apartments are made available through a lottery, specific income levels are indicated. NYC Housing Connect offers a way to search for apartment lotteries based on income level and household size.

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Are 20% of new luxury buildings set aside for middle income tenants? How can I find “80/20” housing in NYC?

Under the “80/20” program, 20% of the units in certain newly constructed buildings are set aside for low- and moderate-income households. The rest (the 80%) of the units are rented at market rates. Developers of new housing are not required to participate in this program, but if a developer does, they receive low interest bond financing.

A current list of open waiting lists is available through NYC Housing Connect, a portal to find and apply for affordable housing opportunities across the five boroughs of New York City.

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How can I get help in buying affordable housing?

There are many resources that you can look into to find and purchase affordable housing. Start by contacting the following organizations:

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